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Structural Drafting

We are Provide Professional Steel structure drawing, It refers to the technical drawings and documentation that depict the design, layout, and details of a steel structure. These drawings are typically created by architects, engineers, or drafters to communicate the specifications and requirements for the fabrication and construction of steel structures.

Steel structure drawings provide a comprehensive representation of the steel elements, connections, and systems that make up the structure. They convey information about the dimensions, materials, connections, and other essential details necessary for the construction of the steel framework. These drawings are used by various stakeholders involved in the project, including architects, structural engineers, steel fabricators, contractors, and construction teams.

General Arrangement (GA) Drawings: GA drawings provide an overview of the entire steel structure, showing its overall layout, including columns, beams, bracing, and other major components. They illustrate the overall dimensions, location of elements, and their relationships to each other and to the building or structure as a whole.

Elevation and Section Drawings: These drawings present the vertical and horizontal views of the steel structure, showing the relationships between different components and their dimensions. Elevation drawings depict the vertical views of the structure from different directions, while section drawings represent cut-away views that show internal details and connections.

Detail Drawings: Detail drawings provide close-up views of specific parts or connections within the steel structure. These drawings focus on the specific dimensions, shapes, and arrangements of steel members, connections, and attachments. Detail drawings are crucial for ensuring proper fabrication, assembly, and installation of the steel components.

Connection Details: Connection details illustrate the specific methods and types of connections used to join steel members together. They provide information on welds, bolts, plates, brackets, or other connectors used in the structure. Connection details are essential for ensuring the structural integrity, stability, and safety of the steel framework.

Bill of Materials (BOM): The BOM is a comprehensive list that details all the materials required for the steel structure, including the quantities, specifications, sizes, and grades of steel sections, bolts, and other components. It serves as a reference for procurement and fabrication purposes.

Steel structure drawings play a vital role in the design, fabrication, and construction of steel structures. They serve as a communication tool between project stakeholders, ensuring accurate interpretation of the design intent and facilitating the coordination and integration of the steel components within the overall project.